Basic weaknesses of communication programs:
  • Minimal planning
  • Assumption that awareness automatically leads to action
  • One-size-fits-all messages neglected the diversity of the audience
  • Lack of pre-testing
  • Lack of methodology
  • Lack of indicators/evaluation tools
  • General arrogance of the educator and disregard for indigenous knowledge

Why Communication Fails.

Design and communication has traditionally been viewed only as an extension of a development program, and when visual communication is employed, designers, artists, communication planners, and program managers neglect the needs of their audience. Designers create one-size-fits-all messages, and communication managers follow professional communication strategies. However, there is a blatant disconnect between the sender of visual messages who are typically urban, educated professionals and the receiver of the message who are often rural, illiterate villagers in development programs.

There is a need for group, age, gender-specific communication material for a rural context.

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