Print media
Flip books, brochures, takeaways, OHP booklets and others.

Books and pamphlets are self learning tools.

They can are also tools that double as resource material for educators.

Client: Futures International

Birla Institute of Scientific Research has been running a mobile health van in the rural areas of Nainital district, Uttrakhand since November 2007. A need was felt to increase the patient load of the van in order to make each health camp more viable.

A Participatory Communication Plan was designed for the Mobile Health Van to increase utilization of the Mobile Van services (preventive, diagnostic, curative) and improve access to RCH services in areas with poor access

The communication strategy included:

  1. Media/ communication products
  2. Training programmes that were conducted with 95 ASHA ( NRHM) workers, to guide them in ways to use the campaign products and distribute the products.

The campaign products covered:

  1. Information /facilities about the van
  2. Communication for Reproductive Health
  3. Communication for Child Health

A Mobile Health Van

A simple graphic and an equally simple tag line was developed that would repeat as a slogun on all communication products and also at the training programmes.

ASHA workers distributed products and disseminated information about the health van in their own works areas. (Each ASHA worker networks with 1000 persons from her community. )

Products: Van related information/publicity

The communication products have the logo, the tag line, time, date and parking location of the van, and health facilities within the van.

Information Card - for general distribution

A smaller version of the information card on a sticker bindi packet - for women needing Ante Natal Care/Post Natal Care, for women who have infants and young children

Information Card - on a pencil for distribution among class 5 students. The card has simple health information for children as additional information.

Nutrition related "Take Away" with information about the van for class distribution eight students


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