To design for effective communication, it is crucial to understand visual perceptions of the intended audience and incorporate their visual language into the final product. For this, we take the drawing board "into the field" and collect pictures drawn by rural community members to study visual perception.

Vikalpdesign, since 1988, has designed visuals, sensitive to cultural and societal norms for non literate and low literate audiences. Through interactive communication, Vikalpdesign seeks to encourage individual action and empower young women and men to share their knowledge with others in the community.

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Communication is serious business - it is a process

How visually literate are you? Can you identify these pictures?

Vikalpdesign, located at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, works in the area of social communication.

Published in the year 2012 - the book - DEKHO - features work of Lakshmi Murthy.

"DEKHO is an anthology of inspirational conversations with designers in India, probing their stories for cues to the development of design in India and highlighting approaches that are unique to designing for India." See

Book Dekho Photo from the Book Launch of DEKHO � April 2013

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