Print media
Flip books, brochures, takeaways, OHP booklets and others.

Books and pamphlets are self learning tools.

They are also tools that double as resource material for educators.

Client : Constella Futures , Delhi

"ASHA + " NRHM Project, Govt of Uttrakhand - 700 "Asha + " workers coordinate with 55 supervisors of different NGOs in the districts of Chamoli, Uttarkashi and Munsiyari . The "ASHA Jhola" is support material for the ASHA worker

The ASHA + worker is provided with a sling bag or jhola containing material that is intended to support her while she works in her field area. Made of strong denim material, the ASHA + project has tried to use eco friendly material wherever possible. (Even the buttons are made of wood.) The jhola contains information material of different types:

  1. "Asha Meri Kitab"a reference book or diary.
  2. Support Material on Health
  3. This is divided into dockets. Each docket contains further sections.
    • "Sharir aur Swasth kay liye khas-khas batein". This unit covers:
      • Nutrition Flag
      • Anaemia
      • Anatomy
      • Changes in the body as we journey through adolescence
      • Contraceptive choices
    • "Mahwari honay par kya karen?" This unit covers:
      • Mahwari Chakka ( menstrual wheel)
      • Sanitary Napkin
      • Demonstration Doll
    • "Maa aur Bachay kay liye khas-khas batein", This unit covers:
      • Care during pregnancy
      • Dangers during delivery
      • Nutrition for children 0 - 5 years
      • Immunization 0 - 5 years
      • Childhood illnesses
    • "More about health", This unit covers:
      • RTI
      • STI
      • HIV/AIDS
      • Understanding Gender

Content development support: Dr Kailash Brijwasi, Jyotsna Lall

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