Print media
Flip books, brochures, takeaways, OHP booklets and others.

Books and pamphlets are self learning tools.

They can are also tools that double as resource material for educators.

Client : ARTH, Action Research and Training in Health, Udaipur.

"Yuvan Ki Samajh"

A set of three books on sexuality, keeps cultural sensitivity in focus. The uterus is shown in the context of the complete human figure under the woman's skirt or ghagra, designed as a flap.

Mother's Card

A card to keep a record of visits to the health centre, to recognise danger signs during pregnancy.

Child Card

A card to keep a record of the child's immunization, visits to the health centre, pictures to help recognise danger signs when the child is ill.

"See related article of Dr Pavitra Mohan"

Take Away and Poster

A little booklet ,"Ek Choti Si Kitab" on planning a family, intended for young men. The book covers isseus around planning pregnancy, information on emergency pills, contraceptives and safe abortion. The poster has information on the emergency pill.

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