Menstruation Health

The topic of menstruation is quite often a taboo one.

Despite the fact that half of the world's population menstruates at some point in their life, the subject is relegated to private settings and broaching the subject in public can even be considered offensive in some circles.

However, there is no need for the secretiveness; we should embrace the natural processes of our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and women friends.

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Sukarshit Mahwari Abhiyan or "Safe Menstruation for all" is campaign lead by Jatan Sansthan (www. and Vikalpdesign. This is a movement that gives girls and women dignity and pride during the special days! Communities participate in training programmes and workshops on Menstrual Hygiene. The Campaign is at Rajsamand District of Southern Rajasthan.

The fabric pad initiative UGER - is a part of this campaign.

"UGER" in Mewari language means "new beginnings". We want a new beginning:

  • in how we see and talk about women's menstruation
  • in ways to include men in menstruation
  • in ways to manage menstruation
  • in making healthy choices
  • in how we care for our environment

The project started in 2011 as a "Self Help Group" - consisting of women from low income families . These women were training in stitching and they work to create reusable cloth sanitary napkins. These pads are made with the intention of combating the growing use of disposable products in India, and the lack of an effective waste management system that our country faces.

Disposable pads are known to contain chemicals and non-woven polymers. The effects of long term usage of synthetic disposable sanitary napkins have not been determined; while hygienically washed fabrics have been safely used by womens for managing their menstruation for centuries.

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